Friday, August 23, 2013

What's In My Gym Bag?

  1. Water - 
    It's so important to stay hydrated, and it's such a waste of time to keep refilling small bottles. You know that feeling, when you finish a workout and could drink a small lake? Carrying a gallon of water means you can chug to your heart's content! Divide your bodyweight by 2 - that's the minimum number of ounces of water you should consume in a day! Yes, you can over-consume water, but as long as you're drinking it gradually over the course of a day, you'll be fine. If you break a sweat at the gym daily, naturally your water consumption should be higher. Aiming for 1 gallon/day works well for me! Plus, you can get a gallon (128oz) of water for $0.99... OR a 16oz bottle for $1.99?
  2. My yoga mat and towel - If I have time, I loooooove going to hot yoga after the gym. Being warmed up from the gym combined with the heat of the studio = magic. So flexible, and I feel INCREDIBLE afterwards. I heart my YogiToes Skidless Towel too (YogiToes is an awesome, awesome, awesome company! Information here on some of the great things they do, if you're interested. I also love my YogiToes Headbands - I have a freakish collection of these things. They're so wide that they stay in place even through the sweatiest of yoga sessions!)
  3. Yoga shorts - 
    I just can't bring myself to wear these little spandex shorts to the gym, so I bring them to change into afterwards. These, by lucy athleticwear, are some of my favorites - and they're on sale right now!
  4. Facewash - 
    Yes, sweating is great for your skin (it opens your pores and helps your body eliminate impurities) but not if you just LEAVE all that sweat on your skin when you're done! Bring your facewash to the gym so you can wash up ASAP afterwards! Choose something gentle because your skin is extra sensitive while you're hot and sweaty. I like CeraVe . If you hit the gym after work, you should also wash your face BEFORE you workout, to remove any makeup. Sweating with makeup on is like begging for clogged pores. Why would you.
  5. Towels - 
    One hand towel for mopping up mid-workout sweat (gross, I know, but I'm not sorry) and a smaller one for washing up afterwards. Don't just splash soap and water on your face, use a washcloth! You need to scrub a little to actually get the gunk off.
  6. Wallet, flip flops, sweatshirt, headphones...
  7. Basics. Never walk barefoot in a locker room. Ever.
  8. My NorthFace Borealis backpack - 
    Does double duty as a backpack and a gym bag! The bungee straps on the outside are perfect for transporting my yoga mat. Don't be a square and buy it in black (like everyone else you know). I went for the charcoal and fuchsia... the brighter, the better! Stand out!

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